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GuiDANCE Autism is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developed to expose children

with autism and other special needs to the arts and creative expression normally

only available to their typically-able peers.


Servicing children of all levels in an environment of compassion that leads to transformation,the GuiDANCE Autism team of practitioners uses the medium of dance along with respite techniques and rhythmic music to enable children to break through their shells and connect to their surrounding world.

Let your spirit DANCE!


"We have some kids here that have severe behavioral issues.  They wanted all the kids to be involved. I could not believe how the music, dancing, and their personal touch allowed some of these kids to interact in ways we never witness."

"GuiDANCE has helped a lot but in a fun way. She’s moving around more confident and becoming more aware of herself in terms of space and movements."

"He wasn’t use to interacting because he’s nonverbal. His coordination has improved and his interaction-- even his stamina. I’m glad that I exposed my son to something new and he’s done very well with it and he’s had a lot of fun!"

"The GuiDANCE program is at once methodical and deeply intuitive. I have witnessed the transformation of many a child under their loving care. With limitless love, talent and patience, they're able to open children to new worlds of creativity, awareness, and acceptance."

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